Ariel series / Book 2

Ariel’s Image

Litigator Paul McDaniel has seen more death in the last few days than he ever cared to in his entire life.

Unfortunately, fate has something else in mind.

Within hours of returning to his successful law firm, he witnesses the inexplicable death of his very wealthy client, Placido Milano. McDaniel now needs protection more than ever, and Ariel, his enigmatic AI assistant is pleased to oblige.

Paul finally has a chance to glimpse the mesmeric Ariel, and her unparalleled beauty does not disappoint. On the other side of the computer, Ariel is as gorgeous as she is quick-witted and talented. However, another beautiful woman monopolizes Paul’s attention – heiress Melissa Milano.

Greed and rivalry of a powerful Italian family of clients, plus ruthless intrigue of other dirty actors, forces Paul to fight for his life – and the life of his new firm – from Atlanta to the Caymans and back. The lines between humanity and Artificial Intelligence blur in this second legal AI thriller in the Ariel trilogy. Following fast on the heels of “Ariel’s Island”, “Ariel’s Image” shows the power of AI and the pitfalls when its power grows.
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Ariel’s Image – Book SigningBook Launch, May 15, 2024

Ariel’s Image – Book SigningCarnegie Library, June 18, 2024

Thank you all so much for attending the book signing event! Your support and enthusiasm made it an unforgettable experience. I’m genuinely grateful for each of you who took the time to come out and celebrate this milestone with me.

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